Your CV and cover letter made a good impression and you just landed the first interview by phone. Recruiters are increasingly resorting to phone interview before a second in-person exchange, especially during this lockdown period.

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Check out our advice based on different advice from recruitment experts and put the odds on your side!

The specifics of the telephone interview

The telephone job interview is privileged for several reasons:

  • It allows the recruiter to save time.
  • It allows taking stock of the motivations and availability of the candidate.
  • It helps to cope with the problem of distance between the candidate and the recruiter.

At first glance, the exercise often seems more affordable than a face-to-face interview. -head, but don’t underestimate it.

You only have about 15 minutes to convince the recruiter and land a second interview. It is therefore important to be well prepared and know how to present yourself on the phone.

Isolate yourself in a quiet place

If the recruiter calls you while you are in transport, in the street, in the supermarket, or any other environment lacking silence or tranquility, do not hesitate to suggest another appointment.

It is worth It is better to postpone the call to another time than to interview in a noisy place which might distract you, interfere with your ability to concentrate, and prevent you from responding strategically.

You can also let your phone ring so that the recruiter leaves you a message and thus call him back from your home where you will be more comfortable carrying out the interview.

Put yourself in a professional situation

It is important to choose a professional environment at your home:

  • Sit at your desk or on a clean, tidy table rather than your sofa.
  • Check that your internet connection or your phone network is functioning properly.
  • Check that your phone has enough battery.
  • Have all the documents you might need during your service on hand. hiring.
  • Use earphones or your phone speaker to have your hands free to take notes.

Your choice of outfit can also affect your confidence and your state of mind. Ditch the pajamas and put on business attire, as if it were an in-person interview, to feel more prepared to answer the recruiter’s questions.

Listen to your interlocutor

Remember that the interview with the recruiter must remain an exchange. Try to relax, be focused and thoughtful, and listen carefully to what the other person is talking about.

With stress, you may be tempted to speak very quickly and respond quickly but it is crucial to ask yourself and avoid cutting off the recruiter. Silences are not serious and it is better to give yourself a few seconds to respond than to make this mistake.

Listening also means taking an interest in what the other person is saying and picking upon them. Do not hesitate to ask questions to know the details of the position to be filled and to have all the cards in hand to make a considered decision.

Картинки по запросу "telephone interview"

Pay particular attention to your tone

Unlike a face-to-face interview, your best asset is your voice and the tone you use.

Behave like if the interlocutor was in front of you. Sit up straight in your chair. Do not lie down not on your couch because it could be heard in your voice and give the impression of certain negligence.

To convince the recruiter:

  • Be dynamic but don’t speak too fast.
  • Articulate and be clear in your words.
  • Take pauses to structure your speech and give it rhythm.
  • Change the volume of your voice to emphasize certain elements that you want to highlight.

Finally, don’t forget to smile! A smile can be heard on the phone and will help you relax, gain confidence and give a better impression.

Heal the end of the interview

Prepare for your interview telephone, it is also knowing how to conclude in style.

At the end of the job interview:

  • Thank your interviewer.
  • Find out about the rest of the selection process.
  • Try to end on a positive note or a catchy comment as those last few sentences will stick. head of the recruiter.

Once the conversation is over, do not hesitate to send him a thank you email to show your motivation and your willingness to meet him in person during a face-to-face interview.

In addition to these various tips, we recommend that you learn about the frequently asked questions asked by recruiters. You will then have all the cards in hand to be ready for your interview!

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