You have prepared well for your job interview and the fateful moment has come to meet your possible future employer. This step is crucial because it allows you to determine if your profile corresponds to that expected for the position.

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During the interview, you tried to detect a positive sign or index from the recruiter but still a feeling of uncertainty? Would you like to know if your job interview was successful? Most of the time the answer comes only a few days or a few weeks later.

It is difficult to know for sure what the outcome of the interview will be because human behavior is not a science exact. However, to get an idea, certain signs are not mistaken and may indicate a favorable result.

The length of the interview

Recruiters often receive many applicants and their tight schedule allows them to give only a limited time to each of them. Therefore, if the interview seems to take longer than expected and the recruiter asks you more questions, it usually indicates that they are interested in your application.

Besides, If the atmosphere relaxes slightly and the recruiter wants to learn more about lighter topics and your areas of interest, for example, they may already want to imagine you working within his team daily. You can therefore deduce that you made a good impression.

On the contrary, if your interlocutor only talks on the surface and does not dwell for long on your experiences and your professional background, likely, your profile does not correspond exactly to their expectations.

The recruiter sells you the position and the company

Once the introductions are made and the candidate has answered the recruiter’s questions, if the recruiter determines they are interested in your application, they will likely try to convince you to take the job and join his company.

He will highlight the opportunity represented by the job to be filled and will present you in detail the projects and missions of the company and your department in particular. They can also begin to address the benefits that come with the position.

Therefore, if the recruiter is touting the company to you and asserts that a candidate with a background or profile like yours would be a significant asset for his team and future projects, you are on the right track.

The recruiter asks you about your other leads

At the end of the job interview, the recruiter may ask you about your other leads or your current applications. The question may seem trivial, but he is actually trying to find out if you are asked elsewhere.

Based on your answer, he will determine if he should make a decision quickly and offer yourself the job or a second interview to make sure you don’t risk losing the opportunity to hire yourself for another company. He wants you to avoid slipping him off at all costs, so this question is a very good sign.

You meet the team

If you passed your interview, one of the most positive signs is when the recruiter offers to visit the offices and meet your potential future colleagues before your departure. Indeed, he would not take his time to organize this visit if he did not imagine you being part of the company.

So this is a very positive sign because he considers you as a potential collaborator and wishes to have the opinion of the other members of the team.

Картинки по запросу "job interview"

You have a positive feeling about the meeting

Your feelings are also a good indicator of success and the quality of the job interview. So trust your feeling and your instincts when discussing with the recruiter.

You can feel if the exchange went well when the conversation is fluid and natural and if the attitude of the other person is rather enthusiastic. The recruiter is interested in your personality, he listens to you, he takes notes, he is smiling, all these signs are indicators of a quality meeting.

The recruiter informs you of the rest of the process

It’s not always easy to know what to expect at the end of an interview. But if the recruiter informs you about the next steps of the selection process, it is because he thinks to see you again.

In particular, he can give you a specific deadline within which you will receive an answer and ask you for your availability to know if this date suits you. An even more obvious sign of success and of being granted a second interview. In this case, no more doubt, you are one of the best candidates.

If you have spotted several of these signs before or after the meeting, you can take a breather, the odds are good!

You now know how to prepare for all aspects of the job interview. But to get to that first meeting you will need to make a good impression, which means writing an effective and convincing CV.

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